Holy Trinity Church

20 Cumming Street, New York, NY 10034  •  Telephone: (212) 567-1177  • email: info@holytrinityinwood.org

We welcome you to Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Inwood (HTC) and invite you to visit us as often as you wish. If you’re looking for authentic spirituality, a place to connect with your God or a community that will accept you as you are, we are here for you. We are black, white, asian, latino, female, male, married, single, straight and gay. We are lawyers, secretaries, managers, building supers, actors, teachers, computer programmers, professors, nurses, singers, accountants, therapists, parents, children, hairdressers and dog walkers.

We celebrate Eucharist (from a Greek word meaning ‘thanksgiving’) through word, sacrament and music, every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. Not an Episcopalian? Don’t worry. Don’t know the service order? We’ll help. Don’t sing? Just listen and let yourself be nourished.

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