We invite anyone who has a relationship with Holy Trinity Church Inwood to join Friends of Holy Trinity with a pledge of support.

You may live on Seaman Avenue — or in Arizona. You may have been a loyal parishioner. You may be considering attending. Or maybe you attend another house of worship entirely!

What you share is belief in the future of Holy Trinity and in the power of community. You know that this modest church in Inwood needs to be financially viable if we are to serve our neighbors as we aspire to. Hundreds of people have benefitted from this church — and hundreds more will.

By joining the Friends of Holy Trinity, you will make those benefits a reality, and you will receive:

  • Our Sunday digital bulletin to stay informed and connected with everything we do.

  • Optional reminders to join our 8:00 am Morning Prayer on Zoom (Monday through Thursday) and our 5:30 pm Evening Prayer service (Monday through Thursday).

  • The power of prayer! Every Sunday our “Prayers of the People” litany will include the Friends and anything you would like us to pray for.

  • The opportunity to shape the Friends experience as you would like to see it grow. We are open to new ways of serving. Tell us how we can help you or a loved one!

By pledging a recurring gift in any amount, you will sustain us through 2022 and you will unlock another financial gift: The Episcopal Diocese of New York continues to match all pledges. So your gift will double the good we can accomplish together.

The scriptures say, “Where your treasure is there your heart will be also.” Many of us put our treasure into Netflix subscriptions, gym memberships, or club dues. By adding Holy Trinity to your list, you will grow spiritually with us and help us serve more individuals, families, and organizations.

For more information, please email Father Gawain at gdeleeuw@holytrinityinwood.org.

To make a pledge, click here to go to our giving page.