On Sundays we gather at 10:30 a.m. for the Holy Eucharist, also called Holy Communion or the Lord's Supper. "Eucharist" means "thanksgiving" in Greek, as thanksgiving for power of Jesus Christ is the primary reason we are drawn into this community.  During our time together, we sing, stay still, move, and breathe as a response to the wonder and joy we experience in this life with the resurrection faith we have inherited. 

Services are not restricted to Christians or Episcopalian communicants, but we are a community of people curious about knowing about the person and faith of Jesus Christ. We have removed some of the practical obstacles for those who want to visit. The Worship Hall is accessible by elevator, which can be found through the red doors at our main entrance. An exterior staircase is also available a few feet west on Cumming Street.  We usually offer coffee and some treats after the service so people can meet, catch up, and connect. 

What we have learned during COVID includes this suggestion: please stay home if you are sick and wear an N95 mask if you are regularly around high risk individuals. We can supply masks if you need.

The Daily Office is how we worship during the week. A distillation of monastic practice, this form offers a combination of silence, breathwork, lectio divina, and study. 

Morning Prayer At 8:00 am, Bishop Matthew Heyd leads about 75 laity and clergy from across the Episcopal Diocese of New York. Participants contribute readings and a reflection, or homily. There is a guided opportunity to add in the chat anyone you would like to pray for. You can have your camera on or off.  The Zoom ends when the worship ends at about 8:30. To register, click here.

At 8:30 am, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine offers Morning Prayer for 15-20 lay leaders and individuals from the parish and beyond who lead the readings. Participants contribute by verbally asking for prayers. The link, which can be accessed via their Calendar, will take you directly to the Zoom. You can have your camera on or off. This is a friendly group that stays on after worshsip to talk, so let them know you came from HTC!

Evening Prayer We meet in-person at 5:30pm on Monday through Thursday in the Chapel (Second Floor) at Holy Trinity. Occasionally, we may sing the service in the evening. 

Feast Days are special days during the year that don't fall on a Sunday which are otherwise important in the Rhythm of the Church. These include Christmas, The Epiphany, Transfiguration (on Groundhog Day), Ascension, St. Michael and All Angels. Feast days are opportunities to celebrate the Eucharist and gather afterwards.