Adult Education

On Sundays during Lent, all are welcome to attend a discussion and reflection on the day's Bible readings and sermon at noon, following coffee hour.

Baptism and Confirmation Classes 

With Father Gawain de Leeuw 

Please check back for 2023 dates

This is a course designed for individuals who are seeking to be baptized or confirmed. Each class will include some discussion of scripture and the Book of Common Prayer in relationship to the question.

You will need a NSRV translation of the bible and a Book of Common Prayer.

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Who is Jesus? 

The first class we will discuss who did Jesus think he was? We’ll examine clues in Scripture and look at how the Bible understands his ministry, as well as the qualities of his faith.

Who is a Christian? 

In this class we will discuss, using biblical texts, the criteria for being a Christian and the basic elements of Christian community, centering on baptism and eucharist. 

What is Prayer? 

In this class we will offer a brief overview of different types of prayer, reflecting ways we seek to communicate and listen to/with God. We’ll discuss patterns of reflection and worship, but concentrate on traditional Anglican patterns of prayer. We’ll address boredom, stillness, and conversation.

What are the Scriptures? 

This will offer a brief overview of the history of book technology, problems in translation, and the challenges of reading scripture. We’ll introduce different traditions of reading, and how Anglicans read it.

What is the Church?  

We will discuss the diversity of governance and the nature of church community through an examination of various metaphors, such as hospital, school, lifeboat, family. We will also discuss how the Episcopal church is shaped.

How should I live? 

Using the baptismal covenant, we will discuss the basic pattern of church worship and its relationship to making a life. We’ll discuss what it means to be a “saint” and to pursue holiness, or wholeness. Sabbath, Shalom, and Community will be introduced. We'll discuss what it means to make a rule of life for oneself.

Building our Hearts and Community: Telling Stories 

In this class we will discuss ways to build a community and how we can connect more deeply with others. 

Getting the Most out of Prayer (tentative date) 

In this class we will get together on a Saturday to learn the various gestures and practices of prayer, including breathing and posture.

Classes are typically on Zoom on Tuesday nights from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Book Club Fall 2022

During the fall of 2022, we read Jesus and the Disinherited by Howard Thurman, which is a seminal book of theological exploration that changed the world through its influence. It's not a long book. But it grounds much of the work we do in the future.