Space Rentals

For all inquiries, please email Matt at

Banquet tables and chairs are available for rental. Several spaces can be rented in tandem or combined for large events or TV/film production needs.

Worship Hall - Second Floor

2,047.5 square feet

This glorious space can accommodate wedding receptions, birthday parties, formal events, theater and music events as well as spiritual meetings of all denominations. If deemed appropriate, we can cover the cross with a black curtain. Other features include:

For friends who remember us before the 2021 renovation, this area is most recognizable as the old gym and theater. 

Music Room/Group Meeting Room - Street Level

This multi-purpose room can be converted into a music rehearsal discussion group space with:

First-Floor Rental Options - One Level Up from the Street

Perhaps the most functional of our spaces, our first-floor rooms include:

Rent individually or as a grouping for large functions such as banquets, family reunions, and film shoots. When closed, moveable walls provide privacy. When opened, expect a continuous flow for your guests, ideal for social dancing and group photos. 

Combine these first-floor rooms with the kitchen and/or street-level rooms for larger events like banquets and family reunions. For square footage, scroll down.

Meeting Room - First Floor

257.1 square feet

Features moveable wall and substantial space for buffet tables. Windows overlook Cumming Street. Can connect to Community Rooms 3 and 4 as desired. Elevator opens to this space. 

Community Rooms 3 and 4 - First Floor

Combined 545.9 square feet

Community Room 3

 308.4 square feet

Community Room 4

237.5 square feet

Work Space - Second Floor

Counseling Area

One of Two Exits

Desk and Chair

This quiet, private space is ideal for counselors, coaches, and therapists. The space includes:

Chapel-Second Floor 

Chapel: 292.3 Square Feet

Dance Studio - Street Level 

184.9 Square Feet

Located just behind the reception desk from the street-level entrance, this room has the easiest access because it by-passes the stairs, both indoors and outdoors. Inside, you will find a well-ventilated dance studio featuring floor-to-ceiling mirrors, a ballet barre, WiFi, and exceptional lighting for remote presentations via Zoom or other platforms. 

Back of Dance Studio

Door opens into hallway behind the reception area.

Front of Dance Studio

Electrical outlets for devices and shelving unit for dance bags, etc.

This intimate dance studio fits three people for a private ballroom dance lesson or small rehearsal. Accommodates children's groups of up to three adults and five little ones.