Holy Trinity Church Inwood

And the Development at the Corner of Seaman Ave. and Cumming St.

In February 2020, the Episcopal Diocese of New York divided its lot on Cumming Street (which stretched from near Broadway to Seaman Avenue) selling the western half of the property (mid-block to Seaman) to Artimus for a future residential development. The diocese hired Artimus to renovate Holy Trinity's existing parish house into a multi-use facility with a new Worship Hall and community space.


Who owns the church?

The Diocese of New York now holds the deed to Holy Trinity as a part of this deal

This is atypical of most Episcopal churches. While no congregation can sell its land without the diocesan approval, most churches are independent. In this case, HTC is an anomaly.

What is the Diocesan relationship to Holy Trinity?

Episcopal Churches are part of a larger network of churches from Staten Island to five counties north of the city. The vestry and the priest report to the Diocese. In the case of Holy Trinity, which is a parish undergoing renewal and renovation, the diocese (rather than the parish) selects and compensates the priest-in-charge. It is Holy Trinity's goal to return to a fully self-funded church.

Does Holy Trinity or the Diocese own the land adjacent to the new sanctuary?

No. Artimus owns the land.

What is Holy Trinity's role in the future development?

Holy Trinity has no role. Our responsibility is to be a good neighbor and encourage a healthy community.

What is the renovated church building like?

Please come visit! Holy Trinity now has a new sanctuary that can be used for interfaith worship; for baby showers and wedding receptions; theater and musical performances; and other festive events. We have a fully functional kitchen and set of commercial washers and dryers for other institutions to use as necessary. There are rooms intended for dance and music rehearsal. The building is both climate controlled and has a low carbon footprint. We are also ADA compliant. In addition, the Worship Hall includes a state of the art AV system and a fully refurbished organ.

Check us out!

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Announcement of Development 2/2020